Trimbella Complete Pack

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Save 15% on your Complete Trimbella Bundle when you subscribe. 

The Trimbella Complete Pack includes 24 of our delicious nutritious & natural shakes in the flavours of your choice, plus our luxury reusable Trimbella scoop on your first purchase, subscribe & receive our award-winning shakes delivered to your door every month with a 15% discount.

Simply Select your flavour of Trimbella shakes below, add our Luxury shaker bottle with detachable shaker ball for delicious shakes on the go.


“Cut cravings and boost energy with these tasty plant-based nutritional shakes ideal for weight management.” Top Sante Magazine 

“An easy summery way to get enough filling protein is to have a protein shake for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. We like the new tasty plant based Trimbella shakes in Chocolate & Banana, with 25g of protein & 24 vitamins & minerals.”  Bella Magazine

"Trimbella has been a favourite of mine since I started using protein powders.” Healthista Magazine

Verified Customer Reviews

“I am 6lbs down so far & I am looking forward to the coming weeks!”

“I am already 9lbs down and feeling amazing.”

“I am a month in, and I have lost way over a stone, also my hair, skin and nails are fabulous.”

Trimbella Shakes

Our award winning thick & creamy meal replacement shakes will change the way you enjoy weight loss, nutrition, and well-being. Delivering a wealth of goodness and convenience with all-natural ingredients at the heart of every sip.

Created to help you on your weight loss journey & support your energy levels, the nourishing Trimbella shakes are free from GMO, Soy, Artificial colours, and flavours whilst being low in calories & sugar.

These delicious blends are packed with 24 essential vitamins and minerals optimised for women and have a high pea protein content to help with muscle recovery, and curbing cravings. Both formulations are the perfect mix of nutrition and a truly delicious, daily shake. All the goodness & taste without the nasties.

All-Natural Ingredients

Deliciously tasty and nutritious Trimbella is made using only natural ingredients. Our shakes contain no added colours, flavours, and sugars. We naturally sweeten our shakes using Stevia, which is a naturally occurring sweetener found in plants.

Packed with 24 Essential Vitamins and Minerals formulated for women

Trimbella is vegan-friendly, and calorie controlled. Every shake is jam-packed with 24 essential vitamins and minerals in a unique formulation.

Our Trimbella Pledge

  • To never use artificial sweeteners
  • To never use artificial flavours (our shakes are super tasty without them)
  • To make our shakes low in sugar
  • To make our shakes low in calories

Trimbella is:

  • Vegan
  • High in protein
  • GMO free
  • Soy free
  • Packed with 24 essential vitamins & minerals per serving.

Our Trimbella shakes are proudly formulated, blended, and packed in the UK.

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