Luxury Trimbella Stainless Steel Shaker 800ML

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Enjoy your Trimbella shakes in your own premium Trimbella Stainless Steel Shaker designed to keep your shakes deliciously cold on the go. The easy to clean, eco-friendly design is lightweight & leak proof.

Bottle Functions

800ml Capacity
Leak proof cap
Carry Loop
BPA free Silicone
Stainless Steel
ML/OZ markings
Removable shaker ball

Now Available

'Oh my gosh the chocolate shake is delicious! They are incredible when I am rushing around in the morning, I can make my shake so quickly and take it with me. I love that they are vegan & full of protein & vitamins too.'

Sophie Stanbury

Using Trimbella

'The Trimbella shakes make breakfast on the go so easy! They are so tasty; I love that they are jam packed full of vitamins & minerals specially formulated for women.'

Rachel Lugo

Using Trimbella

I am so busy with two kids so I have my Trimbella shake as my lunch on the go. I have found I am snacking so much less & I am fuller for longer, they are great, I love them!

Hannah Kinsella

Using Trimbella

Scoop, Shake & Serve